Los Angeles, California, USA

The legs need to be screwed on with a flat head screwdriver. Should take less than 3 minutes.

When there is no fire in it and the fire pit is cool.

Yes, we offer the GRID (grill/lid). Eventually, we will offer a poker and a cover. There are universal solutions available for these items as well. For a cover, we recommend the following item from the Coverstore. Unfortunately, it is made in China but the quality is good.

One way is to use the Deck Shield by Heatshield Products. This shield is Proudly Made In The USA. The 36" diameter shield will work with the MYFIRESIDE pit. You can order from MKH Supply or Home Depot.

21.5"-23" diameter

We do not recommend doing this as there is no guarantee that it can be reassembled after it has been used.

Of course, we are just getting going.

100% 304 (a.k.a. 18/8) stainless steel.

There is a drainage system that will allow water to drain but will prevent ash from leaking out.

Yes, remember stainless is 'stain' and 'less'. Our pit is made of 12 gauge stainless steel so it is highly unlikely to rust through. Near the ocean, there is a higher chance of rust as salt water acts more aggressively towards stainless steel.

A metal dust pan works great to scoop out the ash. Or, simply dump the cool ash into a garden bed and mix with soil.